02 janvier 2006

Lancement de "la gazette de Lubumbashi" !

Source : Makelele Kâzingufu Mazimu
Date de survenance : juillet 2006
Date de première publication sur Internet : juillet 2006

Introduction :
Pour pallier autant que faire se peut le manque d'informations à et sur Lubumbashi, province du Katanga et bientôt du Haut-Katanga, en République Démocratique (sic) du Congo, surtout en ce qui concerne les aspects locaux, de la vie de tous les jours, j'ai décidé de créer sous forme de blog (pour le moment) "La Gazette de Lubumbashi", journal local et global, vu qu'il n'existe qu'en version électronique, accessible uniquement par Internet !...

Dénommée Lubumbashi-FIR ou lubumbashi-fir ou Lubumbashi-fir, elle veut collecter tous types de Faits, Informations et Rumeurs, "rumeurs" au sens indiqué en haut de la colonne de menu...

01 janvier 2006

Lubumbashi : (Updates) 29 August - 04 September 2007 : 2nd International Trade Exhibition (EXILU 2007) : Economic Development Through Investments !

Source : EXILU sprl
Date de survenance : 29 August to 04 September 2007
Date de première publication sur Internet : 01 June 2007

Full Text :
EXILU 2007 : Lubumbashi, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo or Congo-Kinshasa or DRC 29 August to 04 September 2007
! Changes regarding dates, place and request to participate !
(Updates of July the 18th and the 19th 2007)

logo of the limited company EXILU s.p.r.l.

Event Profile :
This year’s Lubumbashi International Trade Exhibition (or International Trade Fair),
Exilu 2007, will highlight investment opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, under the theme:
Economic Development Through Investments.

Indeed, the theme is more than appropriate at this point in time.
Congo has become an attractive investment destination as a result of many positive developments that have occurred in the giant central African country during the last three years.
After decades of war and dictatorship, Congo is now experiencing peace under a democratically elected government.
From an economic perspective, the Congolese government is showing commitment to fostering growth and liberalising the economy through bold reforms.
The new investment code provides for liberalisation, incentives, job and wealth creation by the private sector, and the protection of human rights by civil society and institutional as well as legal protection by government.
On top of this, the investor’s property rights are guaranteed by the constitution and earnings or profit can be freely repatriated abroad.

Therefore, the time is right for investors to come and explore the unlimited business opportunities which the DRC offers.
Given its continental size (2.345.000 square kilometers), its strategic location, its immense natural resources as well as its large and enterprising population (60.000.000 inhabitants), Congo is obviously one of the most attractive market in Africa.
All sectors of the economy require substantial foreign direct investment: infrastructure, health, agriculture, ICT, financial services, etc.
However, the government has set up the following priority areas for the next five years: roads, water, electricity, education, health and job creation.
Exilu 2007 is the investor’s passport to this huge, untapped market.

Exilu 2007 is the second edition of the annual trade fair owned and managed by Congo’s emerging exhibition and event management company, EXILU s.p.r.l (EXposition Internationale de LUbumbashi).
The company is committed to promoting business linkages and investments through world-class exhibitions and conferences.

Exhibitor Profile :
International and local business people, importers and exporters, management service providers, construction companies, education and health institutions, government agencies, manufacturers, development and investment promotion agencies, mining firms are all invited to participate.

International exhibitors will seek to break into the lucrative Congolese market while locals will mainly look for joint venture partners, clients and principals from abroad.

•Infrastructures (roads, ports, airports, rails, energy, housing, water, telecommunications, etc.)
• Financial , business and investment services
• Agriculture
• Education
• Mining
• Tourism and conservation
• Hospitality
• Construction
• Hardware
• Information and Communication Technologies
• Creative technologies
• Healthcare
• Government and development agencies
• Transport and shipping services
• Logistic and distribution services
• Foodstuffs
• Furniture

Visitors Profile :
The fair will be visited by thousands of business leaders, high ranking government officials, captains of industries, buyers, traders , agents and the generalpublic.

Key partners :
The Ministries of Foreign Trade and Small and Medium Enterprises, the Federation of the Enterprises of Congo (FEC) as well as the Governor of the Katanga's province.

Why to exhibit ?
EXILU 2007 offers a unique opportunity to:
• Break into the Congolese market
• Showcase your products and services
• Discover new business and investment opportunities
• Establish partnerships
• Meet key role players from the public and private sectors
• Find new clients
• Develop import and export markets

Programme and venue :
! Changes regarding dates, place and request to participate !
(Updates of July the 18th and the 19th, 2007) !

Dates: Wednesday the 29th August to Tuesday the 4th September 2007
Times: Monday to Saturday 09h00 to 18h00
Sunday 11h00 to 18h00
Casa Degli Italiani
Avenue (Street) Lumumba nr 2900


Download (file in RTF "standard format") the application form and its annexure (prices)
!Updated on July the 19th !

Download (file in RTF "standard format") the "General Rules and Regulations" document

For further details about EXILU 2007,
please contact Mr. Prosper Muyembe Wa Dyese,
the exhibition’s President, at the following address:
Mister Prosper Muyembe Wa Dyese, owner and Managing Director of EXILU.
EXILU s.p.r.l.
Avenue Sendwe 80
Commune de Lubumbashi
Democratic Republic of Congo

Cell: +243 81 178 56 21 and +243 997111441
E-mail : exilu22"arobase"yahoo"dot"fr

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